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We’ve delivered some of Australia’s largest construction projects, but our expertise spreads further than fixing taps and installing drainage systems.

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The B&B way - Plumbing that performs

Our capabilities are constantly evolving. We’ve delivered some of Australia’s largest construction projects, but our expertise spreads further than fixing taps and installing drainage systems. With our cutting-edge designs, unmatched workmanship and rigorous risk management systems, we deliver seamless end-to-end plumbing services for any kind of repair, servicing or commercial project.

We’re trusted by our loyal customers and construction partners because of our commitment to finding a tailored plumbing solution for each individual project for cost-effective, efficient and quality outcomes. It’s the B&B way.

The collaboration between these teams is what sets Beavis & Bartels apart from the rest.

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Our Strong Approach


One stop plumbing shop

Beavis & Bartels are experts in hydraulics, and that doesn’t just include laying pipe or fixing blocked drains. Our point of difference is our complete hydraulic package offering – we can service all of your plumbing needs from initial design drawings through to final defects and ongoing maintenance.

B&B proactive in-house hydraulic designers and dedicated procurement staff work together to provide extensive project plans that cover the full scope of work, so you’ll know what to expect at every stage of your project. If it’s anything related to plumbing, fire or gas, we’ve got it covered.


We deliver big and small

Beavis & Bartels have been delivering major residential and commercial projects since 1954, but we wanted to expand our capabilities so we could also be a local plumber to our customers. We offer reliability and security, while maintaining the responsiveness of your emergency plumber next door.

Now with the recent opening of our B&B Services division, our capabilities range from fixing a leaking toilet to delivering major installation projects worth over $40 million. We can do it all. Find out more about our plumbing services and commercial capabilities.


Masters of our trade

The force behind hydraulics. Our technical skills are ahead of the game. Our culture of continuous development has led to a team of over 150 B&B specialist plumbers who are focused on the future and looking for smarter, more efficient ways to work. Leading the way are some of the industry’s most experienced construction managers, who think strategically to improve day-to-day efficiencies and project outcomes.

Continual compulsory training and inductions are part of our remit so that our workmanship will always be the best in the industry. Learn more about our team.


Solutions, not risks

Our ability to deliver the highest quality plumbing systems and services on every job comes down to our rigorous risk management systems. In construction, failing to prepare can mean costly delays.

That’s why we actively manage every aspect of our plumbing projects to develop proprietary systems that reduce risks. We’ve already thought about ways to manage potential safety hazards and material procurement, so you don’t have to.


Safety first

There’s no question when it comes to safety. People are our priority, so it’s always safety first.

Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd is an ISO accredited business which operates at the highest standards. Safety procedures underpin the core of our planning and operations, with daily safety management systems in place to ensure each work site is compliant with client requirements and match our own extensive safety standards. Read more about safety and compliance.


Financially secure

We are highly experienced in financial management for all type of contracts.

With over 200 million dollars in project capacity and bank security backing us, we can reliably manage cost risks to ensure that jobs and projects continue to progress on schedule.


Teams that talk

In addition to our skilled plumbers on the ground, we also have specialist in-house teams in procurement, hydraulic design and estimations. The collaboration between these teams is what sets Beavis & Bartels apart from the rest.

By combining skillsets across teams, we identify potential challenges before they occur, allowing us to deliver projects that are more efficient, cost effective and progress quickly.


Designed to be better

Our in-house hydraulic engineers and REVIT drafts people create designs that result in high quality plumbing, fire and gas systems that are safe, sustainable and easy to construct.

They’re experts in their space, so you can trust them to find ways to save time and money on your project before the tools hit the ground. Find out more about design.

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