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Beavis & Bartels offer a complete hydraulics package, from initial design drawings through to final defects and ongoing maintenance.

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Specialists in large-scale commercial plumbing

With over 60 years of experience, Beavis & Bartels are specialists in large-scale commercial plumbing and drainage, gas fitting and hydrants and hose reel installations. We’ve delivered some of Australia’s largest construction projects and worked with Tier 1 Builders across a wide range of sectors including residential, commercial, civil, health and mining.

Complete Service

A complete hydraulics package

In addition to our highly skilled plumbers on the ground, we also have specialist in-house teams in procurement, hydraulic design and estimators. By combining skillsets across teams, we identify potential challenges before they occur, allowing us to deliver projects that are more efficient, cost effective and progress quickly.

With expert multi-disciplinary teams, a wealth of experience and cutting-edge equipment, our capabilities are constantly evolving.

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Hydraulic design & Revit modelling
Plumbing & drainage installation
Fire safety systems
Gas fitting
Water, sewer & stormwater infrastructure
Passive fire
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B&B Design

It all starts with design. Small strategic adjustments in the design phase can make a dramatic difference to a client’s budget and project timeline.

B&B’s highly experienced hydraulic engineers thoroughly analyse current drawings and work closely with relevant authorities, architects, clients and our site teams to look for ways to design safe systems, reduce risks, improve efficiencies and make systems more sustainable.

Our in-house design management team of engineers and REVIT drafts people are on site regularly so they understand how their drawings will come to life when it comes time to construct. They’ll work on your project from concept to final fittings to form the foundations that will turn your ideas into reality.

B&B uses Building Information Modelling (BIM) to generate visual 3D models of your building that are used throughout the lifecycle of your project – from planning all the way through to operations. BIM allows you to see what the building will look like before construction and our engineers use this data to find the most effective hydraulic systems for your project. By utilising BIM, we collaborate with our construction partners to streamline workflows and improve project outcomes.

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B&B stands by our commitment to finding tailored plumbing solutions for each individual project for quality outcomes. To discuss your project requirements, get in contact with our team.