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Our people are our backbone. The Beavis & Bartels culture focuses on continuous improvement, meaning we’re always looking for smarter, more efficient ways to work. It’s why we’re the best in plumbing.

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Michael Ryan

Managing Director

Luke Jorgensen

Luke Jorgensen

Group Operations Manager

Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker

Construction Manager

Brad Bonell


Construction Manager


Construction Manager


Services Manager


About our Team

Beavis & Bartels’ values run through the entire team from administration staff to project managers.


Structured for success

B&B’s management structure keeps our operations accountable and agile. Our construction and project managers are some of the most experienced in the industry and run their sites autonomously, reporting directly to our Managing Director. B&B managers have the flexibility to react, strategise and solve problems as they arise.


Management where it matters

We're proud of our ability to deliver the highest level of quality on site management in the industry, with 1 in 4 employees equipped with the skills of a foreman. On every B&B site there is always someone on hand with the necessary skills and tools to come up with calculated solutions.


Masters of our trade

Our technical skills are unmatched. B&B’s team of over 150 specialist plumbers go through rigorous induction and ongoing training processes to ensure that their work is always ahead of the game. See more about working at B&B.


Integrated for improved outcomes

In addition to our skilled plumbers on the ground, we also have specialist in-house teams in procurement, hydraulic design and estimators. The collaboration between these teams allows us to identify potential challenges before they occur, meaning we get more efficient, cost effective projects across the line.


Innovation is in our nature

B&B is focused on the future. Our highly motivated construction and project managers are leading the way and have been carefully recruited for their specialised skillsets. They empower our people on the ground to think strategically and find ways to work smarter.


Exclusively plumbers

The entire B&B team is made up of qualified plumbers - from our staff on the tools to our senior executives. This means every member of the B&B crew speaks the same language and know what's required to get the job done right.

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Our team is constantly evolving and up skilling. With endless pathways available, your next career step could be with B&B. Learn more about careers.

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