Economical by Design

With every project commenced, B&B begins by reviewing and refining the drawings. Our in-house design team has the experience and knowledge to improve the efficiency of most drawings presented. Just small tweaks can make a dramatic difference to a client's bottom line and time to deliver the project.

By economising material requirements B&B is able to provide solutions that save time and money come time to construct.

Efficient by Design

Having final drawings early is critical to a successful project. The in-house B&B engineering team is proactive in reviewing and producing finalised drawings early, and for good reason.

As soon as drawings are finalised our dedicated procurement staff begin their work locking in materials. This process has made B&B a leader in avoiding both time and cost blowouts in material procurement.

An extra benefit is other building contractors are enabled to finalise their drawings earlier with plumbing complete, meaning your project will run smoother with B&B.

Green by Design

With a greater appreciation upon energy efficiency, all building owners are looking for ways to reduce their running costs. With small adjustments to the plumbing drawings during the design phase, B&B are able to gain dramatic improvements in the levels of energy and water required for the ongoing usage of the building.

Contact our design team about how we can assist in making your designs more sustainable.