Organisational Chart

We offer our quality team members all the training, mentoring and tools required to excel.

Work on Landmark Projects

B&B is responsible for many of the landmark buildings throughout Queensland. Projects such as Major Hospitals, Government buildings and Shopping Centes  are plumbed by B&B. This enables B&B's recognition to be sought after by developers, construction builders, etc.

Home Safe 'n Sound

On-site safety is of critical importance to us. We have an unbeaten safety record due to our risk analysis systems and procedures to avoid issues before they occur.

State of the Art Equipment

B&B will help you deliver jobs safer, faster and to the highest quality by supporting you with the best equipment available.

Materials ready on-site

Our job is to make your project a success. We know you dislike waiting, so we’ve employed dedicated procurement staff to ensure your materials are ready on-site when you need them.