About Us

Beavis & Bartels are specialised commercial plumbers focusing on large scale Hydraulic and Drainage works. We have a proven history of delivering Queensland’s largest building projects with the backing of our robust Quality Management System so each project is delivered to the highest standard.

B&B History

As of January 2013, CDC acquired 65% of Beavis & Bartels. This is a strategic venture that allows Beavis & Bartels to leverage the depth of knowledge, capacity and security offered by the CDC Group. The development of Beavis & Bartels management and team will continue to strengthen and grow within the industry.


Our Vision

Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd is a Hydraulic Service Organisation that is recognised for excellence in Performance, Reliability and Quality of its products and services.An essential objective of the Company is to strengthen the established recognition towards and above, the commercial and community expectations. The Company embraces the direction for fulfilment to the customer’s needs thereby providing product and service satisfaction. Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd accepts and encourages the commitment to the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System throughout all levels of the Company. The Organisation’s philosophy is an essential factor for Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd employees to espouse.



Executive Team

  • Michael Ryan Managing Director

    I commenced working with Beavis & Bartels in 1996 as an apprentice. I am extremely proud of our team at Beavis & Bartels as we continually provide the highest standard of Safety, Design and Installation for our clients. I am looking forward to continued growth of the business in the years to come. 

  • Matt Walker Construction Manager

    I was lucky enough to be provided with an opportunity with B&B in 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of my time here. It’s been very exciting seeing B&B grow into the great business it is now and look forward to seeing this innovative business continue well into the future.


  • Wally Moubarak Business Manager

    I joined Beavis & Bartels in March 2013 to oversee both the financial management and day to day operation of the Business. It has given me great pleasure to watch B&B grow and develop into the industry leading hydrualics company it is.